Return on Investment for Home Projects

Here’s a synopsis of the best returns:

Replacement of house siding with a fiber-cement product will cost on average around $14,000 but should return you about 80% of that value.

Replacement of your front door with a steel version will cost somewhere in the $1300 range and will return 73% of the cost.

This one is a little more variable, but adding a bedroom in your attic should return about 72% of the cost.  Of course, costs can vary widely based on square footage and trim quality.

A minor remodeling of your kitchen, in the $20,000 range will also return about 71% of the cost.

If you replace your garage door, especially with a carriage door look, it will cost on average about $1600 for a small door and $3000 for a larger one.  You’ll recover about 70% of the cost when you sell.